Three Directions of the Activities of YCAM:

Art Expression

YCAM emphasizes the production and exhibition of original works incorporating media technology.

Supporting artists and creating things together

Developments in media technology have been affecting not only society, but also reality and imagination on an individual level, and this trend doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Against this backdrop, artists around the world utilize media technology to create works that stir up society, and thereby seek to renew the conventional framework of "art".

YCAM conducts research and development with the aim to enable such artists to realize their works in a wide range of formats including installation pieces, dance/theater performances, video works, etc.

A New Kind of Spatial Expression Created by Media Technology Production of Installation Art

YCAM works with artists to produce new installation art with applied media technology.

The concept of our ‘environment’ and human perception are undergoing major change due to the advancement of media technology, such as networks. Much of the installation art produced using the facilities within YCAM keenly reflects this trend and presents a new reality that provides a glimpse at the future relationship between humans and technology. After these installations have been presented at YCAM, they tour around cultural facilities and art festivals beginning in Japan and then overseas, and they have received high acclaim, such as by winning international competitions.

The Expanded Body through Media Technology Production of Performing Arts

YCAM features outstanding performing arts, such as dance and theatre, from both Japan and abroad, and works with artists to embark on new productions with applied media technology.

The human body remains the fundamental unit upon which we situate the world, and, even with cutting-edge scientific knowledge, the potential remains as yet inexhaustible. Many of the performing arts pieces produced at YCAM engage in a deep exploration of this concept through the appreciation of the audience. They also paint a picture of the current state of the performing arts and their appreciation by an audience that accompanies the advancement of media technology.

In recent years, we have utilized our technical know-how in the production of these pieces to work with external creators and researchers to proactively develop R&D projects that focus on the human body and perception.

Film as New, Old Media Screening and Producing Films

YCAM features outstanding cinema from both Japan and abroad, and works with artists to produce films. To capture the essence of film as a form of expression using media technology, in addition to screening films of many genres across a broad period of time, YCAM also uses our facilities to host the YCAM Bakuon Film Festival, giving audiences a visual and audio experience akin to a live concert.

In recent years, we have produced the film production project ‘YCAM Film Factory’ based on the theme of ‘searching for liberated movie-making.’ We work with spirited directors to search the possibilities of film in diverse forms, including installation art pieces.

Film Screenings