Three Directions of the Activities of YCAM:


YCAM puts emphasis on endeavors linking the knowledge and experience of media technology that we have built up in various shapes to the community resources and regional challenges of Yamaguchi.

Mobilizing regional forces together with citizens

The penetration of the Internet has made grassroots technologies such as open-source software, which users are free to modify or distribute, the focus of public attention. In addition to this, so-called “open platforms” on which industrially developed technologies are made available for users to co-create products have begun to emerge. The advent of such open technologies has triggered a dramatic expansion of the range of application.

Against the backdrop of such movements, YCAM engages in research and development activities aimed to turn the various potentials of media technology into solutions for the regional challenges of Yamaguchi, and to new usage of community resources.

A Platform for Visualizing Regional Issues RADLOCAL

YCAM makes use of the varied potential of media technology to search for initiatives that will lead to the discovery of regional issues for Yamaguchi; and, as part of this process, we implement the intensive workshop series RADLOCAL.

Regional issues are discovered through this series using a wide range of approaches in addition to media technology, such as design and management, and practical programs are offered, such as lectures, fieldwork, and ideathons, for the purpose of nurturing individuals who can propose and implement solutions to these issues. Having already hosted this series twice, this time around we aim to strengthen the functionality of our platform as we cooperate with local companies and municipal authorities to specifically apply the various solutions that come out of this series on the regional society of Yamaguchi.