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(Referred to below as the "Website", indicates that the site the domain of is attached) Yamaguchi Center for Arts website and of carrying take advantage, it is the conditions and precautions. Well I read, please start the only available if you agree to all these conditions.


Yamaguchi Center for Arts and the Foundation Yamaguchi City Cultural Promotion Foundation, hit the post the information on this web site, but we pay close attention, the integrity of these information, accuracy, reliability, trust gender, usefulness, do not do guarantee for compatibility with the intended use for the user. Also, that there is no occurrence of interruption or error of function In use of this web site, regarding matters such as that there is no computer viruses or other harmful code to our website and our web server, not guaranteed.Information has been posted on this web site or trouble or loss has occurred by using our web site,, for damages, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and the Foundation Act people Yamaguchi City Cultural Foundation is not responsible for any . In addition, it and you want to change the information that was published on this web site without prior notice, since the operation of this web site you may be allowed to suspend or discontinue, please acknowledge beforehand.It should be noted that, regardless of the reason, it does not assume responsibility for any damage caused by the interruption or discontinuation of information changes and management of this web site. It also is not responsible for the content of any other web sites that link to this Web site.

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When performing a link to this site, please contact the Yamaguchi Center for Arts. In that case, specify the URL of the web site to set up the link, please submit your contact with your name of the website responsible. The contents of the linked web site, such as business contents of the owner, depending on how the impact on the method and the Yamaguchi Center for Arts of the link, there is a child refuse to link Please note. In addition, the following link is strictly prohibited.

  • Containing the content contrary to public order and morals link from the site.
  • It or me for illegal content, were involved in illegal activities, or links from involvement was possible site.
  • Link in the frame or other methods is that it is the content of the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and the unknown.

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This web site text that is listed in, image, artwork, copyright data, and the like, as long as there is no special disclaimer, it belongs to the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and the Foundation Yamaguchi City Cultural Foundation. Yamaguchi Center for Arts and the Foundation Yamaguchi City Cultural Foundation or rights holders of unauthorized duplication, diversion, sale replication, summary, modification, adaptation, upload, post, public transmission, the transmission enabling, distribution, secondary, such as publishing It is strictly prohibited that you use.

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In our web site, after announcing the intended use, it may be asked to provide personal information from the user. In that case, the personal information of the collected user, as well as use only within the target range, a third party to the disclosed provided that without consent of the user as a rule unless the disclosure is forced by law It is not.Also this web server, you have to record the usage as an access log for maintenance. This data is utilized for the purpose of improving the content of grasps the usage content. These are available only in the form of aggregated result, individuals do not have to be used in the form that can be identified.